Mission And Activities

The mission of health ministries is to provide evidence-based, high quality health information and community resources to the Denver Park Hill SDA congregation and the surrounding community. In service of this mission, we provide:
•        Disease specific health lectures, seminars, and print resources
•        Free community health screenings
•        Free community health education classes


Health Nugget: Black Health Matters

In the past two months, our national dialogue has shifted from 24-hour coverage on coronavirus to conversations about racism and inequality. Systemic racism is a pervasive public health threat and it affects the way we do almost everything in this country, including healthcare. When the systems put in place to help society function are broken from their inception, inequities persist. As a result, we observe higher rates of poverty and reduced access to health resources in communities of color causing racial disparities. Black communities are affected by higher rates of HIV/AIDS, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and most recently COVID-19, and are more likely to die or suffer serious disability as a result of those conditions than our White counterparts. Combating racial health disparities must take place from the ground up. At the individual-level, addressing lifestyle behaviors is the easiest way to begin to address disease-specific racial disparities like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. These include:

1) Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption to include at least 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day
2) Switching out processed grains (e.g., white bread and pasta) for whole-grain versions of the same products
3) Reducing saturated fat to less than 5% of the diet and eliminating all sources of added sugar
4) Increasing physical activity to include at least 30 minutes of exercise per day
5) Managing stress with strategies like mindfulness meditation, relaxation exercises, therapy or pastoral counseling, and keeping a positive outlook with daily affirmations and “gratitude” lists


How to Stop the Spread of Germs

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Hand Sanitizer Fact Sheet

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